Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FB invite to follow the new Blog

As some of you know, I will be starting a fellowship with San Francisco city government next month. As fewer of you know, I started a blog [this one] three months ago with the limited ambition of getting some non-facebook users in on a debate about healthcare. Apparently they got a bit frisky, because now (three months later) they are giving birth to a glorious profit child. That is, I’m transforming my “blog” into something like a log of my experiences, on the web (see what I did there?), to use as a median for discussion and keeping in touch with mah peeps.

If you’re interested, Politic and the Rumpus is a way for me to share my stories and insights into local government, policy debate, culture and city misbehaving as I work my way through the fellowship program – though I should disclose that I still plan to try and force discussion on social, political and legal debates.

Personally, I think you should all check it out unless you have particular moral or linguistic reservations about “blogging”. I'm not sure how active it'll be for a few weeks, but you’re welcome to ask questions, answer questions, throw out ideas, or just be a jerk and make other people argue with each other. You can link to the blog at or you can just read it and respond as a guest user. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your cat (if you have one and we've met), but maybe don’t tell critical law officers – I can’t promise everything will be above board…


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  1. if i live with you why do i need to read your blog?

    jus saying..... with all the love in the world

    it seems a bit silly.