Thursday, June 16, 2011

Street Art

San Francisco has an incredible Art Commission, but compared to other cities like Seattle or Boston, San Francisco has a fairly limited public art program. The smallest detail of a public art project can become a divisive political battle leading to countless public hearings, sabotage and conspiracy theories. Such is the civic culture of this city. (At least they're engaged, right? ... ...right??) But a vacuum attracts content, especially when it is surrounded by activists, culture, media, hippie artists and resources.

Over the past several years, more and more private displays (especially guerilla art) have cropped up across the foggy city in areas bountiful with flat surfaces but lacking in advanced color schemes. It's become a sort of pastime of mine to record some of my favorites. Here's a teaser sample below.

Le Enchante Cafe @ 26th & Geary
Langton Labs @ Howard & Langton, SF

Duboce Bike Alley, Castro, SF
Medusa @ Haight & Masonic, SF

Franklin & Hayes, SF

Hyde & Golden Gate, Tenderloin, SF 
Koshland Community Park, Page St, SF

Lincoln & Stanyan, Cole Valley, SF
Tenderloin Elementary School, SF

Polk & O'Farrell, SF
Fillmore Dist at Geary, SF

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