Monday, February 28, 2011

I resent pink insulation

The backs of my hands still prickle from the hundreds of tiny tiny tiny fiberglass shards that chose to “stick around” after this weekend (ha, get it?). But then again, we almost have a new bathroom and closet.

For those of you who missed it, a) my family has for years traveled up to Sonoma County to spend time at a property we share with my uncles, and b) a pipe froze, exploded and flooded a bedroom, a bathroom and part of a kitchen – twice. And that was at the start of January. Since then it’s been a predictable mess with insurance and contractors, so this past weekend a family friend in construction came over and we tried to fix it ourselves. Unfortunately for you, Reader, there are no tales of insane disasters. It actually went pretty smoothly, which is surprising considering the work party we had :P

My brothers, my dad and I worked with Ed (the one guy who knows what he’s doing) to rewire the room, install insulation (which, for the record, was entirely lacking in every wall and most of the ceiling, despite the freezing mountain temperatures in the winter), put up sheetrock and re-plaster everything. Two days later, the bathroom looks like a bathroom again the closet is now the warmest room in the house.

*(as a quick note, a company called Owens Corning developed the pink fiberglass insulation and patented it. It’s good insulation, but it’s only pink because buyers like it more when it’s pink. No joke. Patented pink.)

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