Thursday, April 21, 2011

SFPark goes live with mobile app for parking

Download the iphone app
For those of you readers with iPhones in and around San Francisco, your day has finally come. SFPark released its mobile app for iPhone users today, less than a week ahead of the program's full-fledged launch. SFPark has already activated 5,000+ smart meters around the City, and users can now pay with credit and debit cards, as well as coins and SFMTA parking cards. Rates are adjusted several times daily for business and peak hours, and the rate structures will [only*] occasionally change at the start of new months. As for the "quality of life" issues, drivers will now be able to access graphical information on parking availability and pricing in each of the pilot neighborhoods. Small sensors keep up-to-the-minute record of used and free parking spaces - not only in garages, but also on the street.

See how it works, and revel in the glory of how much easier your life just got. Those of us with Droids or not-smart phones will secretly envy and resent you for now.


  1. No Android app?! Do they have plans for an Android version?

    (you can probably guess who this is)

  2. Lol, hi. Pretty sure they are planning to expand the app to Droid in the next month or two, but nothing official. depends on the contractor/partner's timeline. but the demand in the Mission/Financial district is mostly for the more fashionable iPhone. F-ing hipsters.