Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mental Image from Ebenezer's, or "A burgeoning relationship with the neighborhood cafe"

Below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Chelsea about how this week is going:

" I'm here getting distracting and losing my will to work on school things now, but BEFORE this I was at that coffee shop with the good chais... [Ebenezers]
I made a breakthru on my paper proposal and got all excited as i was sitting next to the window bay across from the bar.... after like 2 hours
I stood up, poured my refilled coffee into my travel mug so it would stay warm, danced a bit to myself with my big green headphones on, bents down to get a new pen, found an even better pen than I expected and stood up excitedly, like hooray!
and backhanded the shit out of my topless coffee mug
which then exploded its contents not only all over my phone and computer, and my chair
but also the window
the wall
the floor
some more of the floor
the OTHER wall
another chair
and all over the shoes of the only other person still in the cafe with me...
the baristas were in their little closet room
so the two of us stared at each other without even moving
he didn't even take his headphones off
he just looked at his no-longer-white Nikes and then back at me for like 30 seconds
and then went back to his computer
with a little kick to chake some coffee off
so when the baristas came back a few seconds later, all they saw
was that I had clearly gone on some kind of mad spree
and coffee dripping down the windows
with puddles of it all around some guy ignoring the whole thing
I got their mop and cleaned it and left real fast, but i think i might have to shave before going back in to decrease the chances of them recognizing me
that i may not go back in there till Dec.... :/ stupid Movember "

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