Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urban Art, "Ads can be art too!"

Everyday I am bombarded with advertisements and messages that make me want to buy things (or sometimes not buy things). On my way to work, on my way to the other bus, on my way to City Hall, on my way to the PUC, on my way to the wonderful Turkish kebab shop next to Burger King on Market, on my way home, and while I am sitting still in my chair trying to find information about risk management best practices and public financing. And it sucks.

But sometimes, an ad actually grabs my attention in spite of my best anti-capitalist efforts. Perhaps it is just part of living in a dense city, but it makes me want to carry a camera everywhere I go to capture the failures or absurdities of urban marketing. These are part of my everyday life.

Ellis & Market

On the side of a MUNI bus shelter on Van Ness. WTF huge gun!

Inside of Buck's Tavern, aka "Daley's Dive Bar" named after ex-Supervisor Chris Daley
who burned burned every bridge on his way out of office this January. Good show!

On the side of a MUNI bus shelter on Haight St and Stanley.
Commentary you can only get in SF...

If you have any favorite ads from the last few months, feel free to link them to me! I am building a collection.

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