Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mapping locals and tourists by photo tags

I have been following San Francisco's own "digital cartographer" Eric Fischer for awhile now, so I'm a bit surprised that I just found this set on his Flickr photostream. In 2010 Fischer presented a series of maps that documented the intensity of geo-tagged photography in over a hundred metro regions around the world. In his updated set he breaks this information down a bit further, into 'tourists' and 'locals' - users/photographers that uploaded multiple photos of the area more than a months apart.

The project was initially an effort to see if the earlier Geotaggers' World Atlas maps were primarily sourced by tourist photography, but the product became a veritable GIS map comparing trending tourist activity to areas where local residents spend their time.

Locals and Tourists #7 (GTWA #8): Washington, DC
Washington, District of Columbia
Locals and Tourists #3 (GTWA #4): San Francisco
San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley

Check out your own local metro region in the set on Fischer's photostream.

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